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Indian Hill Farm

Al and Marty Blackadar bought the original 100 acres of land on 161 Main Avenue with an old farm house and dilapidated barn in 1981. Their business was marine insurance, but they both enjoyed gardening, horses, cutting firewood and all that goes into caring for a farm. However, due to their "real jobs" keeping them in the office, the haying that needed to be done for the horses got pushed off until they had the time rather than making hay when the sun shone. The hay was not proving to be their best use of the land so Al decided that planting Christmas trees was!

Herb Tonry from Hampton Falls helped them get started with the Christmas tree operation by loaning them his tree planter and explained how to get started, beginning with approximately 10 acres and expanded to over 30 acres planted with up to six different species of trees.

The trees are cared for by our Farm Manager Kraig Pilon who came to work for the farm in 2004 when he was 16. Kraig attended UNH and studied forestry. His labor in shearing, mowing and overall care of the fields is a full time job and invaluable to us.

A Christmas tree emporium was built after a time and includes wreaths, gifts, seasonal decor and ornaments for our farm customers to enjoy doing a little shopping in our gift shop.

We've seen generations of families throughout the years and it is our sincere pleasure to provide the background for a true family tradition.