Cutting Weekends: 
We provide saws and will assist you tying your tree onto your cars for safe and easy transport home. Make sure to stop in the gift shop and see our seasonal offerings. You may still come and tag a tree during these hours if you weren't able to during our tagging weekend hours.

Fraiser Fir: "Most popular Christmas Tree" Short soft needles, usually not as full as balsam. Great for hanging ornaments. Very aromatic and long lasting.


White Spruce: A very full tree with great shape. Fairly stiff branches and needles for hanging heavier ornaments.

Blue Spruce: Stiff needles and branches. Colors from icy blue to green. Regal looking tree, good for hanging heavier ornaments.

Concolor Fir: Range of color from blue to green. Long soft needles usually a very full tree. Aromatic, smells like citrus and long lasting.

Balsam Fir: "Traditional New England Christmas Tree" Medium length soft needles, very aromatic and long lasting.